Sunday, July 12, 2015

Silver State Stampede 2015 (Levi's first Rodeo)

first off i have tried 5 times and cannot get the pictures rotated, sorry.

Gettin ready to go 

 Got our number

 So excited, they had 33 kids and every time they called out a name he kept pulling on my arm "i want to ride"
the one shot i was able to get
 professional pics we were able to buy 

 these are the best two. didnt make 6 seconds, i was worried with that landing he was going to come up crying like so many of the other kids did. NOPE he came up with a big smile on his face "i want to go again"

then we were on to our other ride that we saw coming in the gate, this one scared him more than the sheep lol, he liked the spinning, not so much the up and down, but look at that form with no training.

then we got dinner and went back up to the stands for the rodeo to start, it took another 1-1.5 hours for his adrenaline rush to wear off

Two more weekends and he will be riding again in the Elko Youth Rodeo, this time grammy and papa will be here to see him

Sunday, May 10, 2015

mothers day (lamoille canyon, NV)

today we did our traditional mothers day scenic drive, we headed up into Lamoille canyon in the Ruby mountain range. there are 2 or 3 campgrounds and 2 or 3 picnic areas, and a lot of hiking trail heads on this 12 mile road.

here is a Lions camp at the base of what was a glacier at one time.

got into a little of the snow left

signs said the Lamoille water shed is one of the closest to a natural state

this is called an avalanche shute

water was so clear, and the air was cold. 66 at the base of the mountain, 47 at the end of the road.

this was the end of the road (we didn't have snow shoes to continue on), there was about 3 inches of snow left on the road ways in areas, i am sure if you got on a trail there would be more.

of course i had to hike up it a bit.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

California trail interpretive center

Today we were heading out of town to check out one of the outlying areas and ran across this interpretive center about 10 miles out of town.

there was a lot to do but i only took one picture of Christa and Levi packing their wagon. 

move to Elko

I know these are a week later but we were busy.

Leaving Wyoming

Christa view the whole trip


monkey on the Bonneville salt flats 

you only have to dig down 1-2 inches to get to water

We hit Nevada, Wendover

We just look like a post but that's monkey on my shoulders in front of Wendover Will

And a sleeping monkey

He rode the whole way in the u-haul truck with me